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We are either teaching a lesson or learning one most of the time in life. Sometimes life throws things at us that we handle with no problem and other people want to know how we can have the strength, perhaps we learned that skill in another life. Why can some people faint in a crisis but others know what to do? I’m not saying that everything in life is linked but it is amazing to find out that so much of it is. Learning about our past lives can help us to make sense of the current one, right down to character traits or flaws.
We search from life to life finding our loved ones again (soul mates). Finding love that feels like you have know them forever, trusting a person who you just met are all examples of our past (soul mates) finding us again. In a past life you could have been a mother to your  brother or sister and it can feel like you have a need to care for them in this life as a mother would do. Sometimes the journey can take you to painful places too learn why you have certain fears or phobias, or learn about how and why we love who we do.



-did you ever fall in love so easy that it made you question it?
-did you ever feel like you know someone so well but yet you just met?
-did you ever have a trust that is too easy?
-did you ever know about a subject you have never studied before?
-did you ever feel a strong connection to a different culture?
-did you ever travel to a new place but feel like you have been there before?
-did you ever feel like this lifetime has a bigger purpose, like in another time you didn't get to finish something?

Any and all of these questions are good reasons to look into past lives and see why we are here now is it to finish or to start something? to meet up with loved ones? to teach or to learn lessons? find out why you are the way you are in this life, so much can be learned from who we were then and what it means now !!


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Past Life Regression Session

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